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Vegetable yogurt set to be the hot new food trend in 2017

Vegetable yogurt will become the trendy new food of choice next year, replacing traditional sweet flavours in the fridges of fashion-conscious shoppers, Waitrose has predicted

Varieties such as carrot, beetroot and sweet potato have proved an unexpected hit in the US and will soon be making a mark in Britain, the supermarket said in its annual food and drink trends report.

The unlikely sounding product is due to follow up the 2016 success of seaweed, cactus water and bao buns, indicative of a public in thrall to “hip” new foods that look good on social media, the report said.

Today, people are more likely to perceive healthy food as tasty and tasty food as healthyNatalie Mitchell, head of brand development, Waitrose

It also found the distinctions becoming “blurred” between restaurant and home eating, as people increasingly opt to stage domestic fine dining and go out for more casual meals with friends.

Waitrose also noted that “faddy dietsseem to be on the decline”.

A survey for the report also found that just 30 per cent of people consciously counted calories when they tried to lose weight and more than half of those polled said that eating sensibly was now part of their daily ritual, rather than something they did periodically.

article taken from telegraph