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Gas Certificates

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WCS Ltd is a fully registered company. For a list of our area of work within the gas industry click here.

Our gas safety certificate service provides you with a fast, efficient and friendly way to comply with the regulations BS 6173, GSIUR and DW 172. The certificate is required when using Gas appliances in a commercial environment.

Our annual Gas Management Service

Our fees for your Gas Safety Certificate and our Gas Management Service start from only £150 + VAT per year and the service is designed for peace of mind. The service delivers

  1. Your annual gas certificate
  2. Extraction & Ventilation safety check
  3. A reminder one month in advance of your gas certificate expiry date so that we can arrange an appointment to service your appliances.
  4. Reassurance that your kitchen complies with all gas safety directives as required by the Environmental Health Officer and the Health and Safety Executive.
  5. Updates of new rules and regulations that apply to your commercial catering gas installation so that your business is prepared for changes in the law.
  6. Document storage and management of all gas safety information pertaining to your kitchen.

We have close relationships with many environmental health officers and council Health and Safety Executive inspectors from Somerset to Oxford and the London boroughs and we know what they need to see to ensure certification thus reducing their inspection times and interruption to your chefs.

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